100% Cordless 37mm Secateur

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The 100% Cordless Secateurs are the latest innovation from Mobishear Australia.

Designed for use in Australian orchards and vineyards, this is no lightweight domestic unit. These rechargeable cordless snips make pruning tasks quick and easy. Powering through branches up to 37mm in diameter, without the hassle of a cord or a nearby power source.

Best of all, you can expect up to 12 hours between charges when working with our cordless pruning shears – and there are 3 lithium batteries included, so you can smash through your pruning season.


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  • Fully integrated battery = no tangling of the cord in the canopy as you work
  • Powerful = cut through brittle dead wood as well as green rods and branches
  • No jacket/belt = eliminate fatigue and pain with no weight as well as stay cool as no battery on your back or waist
  • Anti-slip design = always keep your grip even in wet and slippery conditions or with gloves
  • Ergonomic = fits in your hand ensuring comfort all day
  • 2 stage aperture opening – full or 70% = increased versatility and efficiency as the one unit can be used on thick dead wood as well as green canes or branches
  • Pulse & progressive trigger = for precision pruning
  • Injury prevention system = for safety for you and your employees
  • Includes FREE holster = keeps the secateur handy when you're out in the field
  • Unrivalled maneuoverability = no cord restricting where you can prune
  • Lightweight yet robust = secateur weight of 880g (1.2kg secateur + battery) means reduced fatigue in long days of pruning
  • 37mm cut = cuts through large dead wood or branches
  • 10 hours work time = long work time with no returns for battery charging gives you longer, efficient working days


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