100% Cordless 37mm Foot Paring Secateur

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Listening to our customers is something we take very seriously at Mobishear Australia.

The 100% Cordless Foot Paring Secateur is something our customers have been consistently asking for.

After a lot of research, testing and refining we now have a unit that is up to the punishment of an Australian farm.

Worthy of the Mobishear brand, this unit offers incredible power and durability. Supplied with both an Australian made foot paring blade and the standard pruning blade. The powerful motor allows you to trim dry scaly hooves and even tip horns. Progressive blade control means you can nibble as well as cut outright. Customised programming allows the unit to be put down without turning off while you bring up the next sheep.

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  • 25v brushless technology
  • 3 included batteries give ample work time with each battery capable of up to 7 hours work
  • Inbuilt electronic safety protects you from cuts
  • Progressive or pulse cutting action. Allows precise nibbling as well as direct cutting.
  • Supplied with Australian-designed and manufactured hardened steel straight paring blades (RRP $220) and high tensile curved pruning blades
  • Will cut horn up to 37mm thick
  • 2 year warranty
  • Full local parts support


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